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The purpose of this society is to study, educate, and encourage the culture of roses in
every practicable way and to exhibit, as desired, properly conditioned roses of the highest quality.

Monthly Meetings
RSSM holds meetings every 2nd Thursday from
September through May, excluding December.

Santa Margarita Water District Building
{Just south of Oso Parkway}
26111 Antonio Parkway
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Doors open: 6:30pm
Meeting: 7:00pm to 9:00pm

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Coming Events:

November General Meeting
November 10, 2016
Matt Rayl, Serrano Creek Soil Amendments
Compost and Your Soil

Matt Rayl, the owner of Serrano Creek Soil Amendments, will share his knowledge and update us on how to best enrich our soil during the drought. "The simple secret to a lush and healthy garden does not come from a chemical plant, but instead from applying organic soil amendments. Over the eons, plants have evolved to thrive when supplied with organic material that sustains the soils which they live in. Improved soil fertility is the long term answer. Or to put it more simply- feed your soil, not your plants."

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Previous Events

October General Meeting
October 13, 2016
Dona Martin,ARS Consulting Rosarian, horticultural judge, and award-winning rose photographer
Photographing Roses

Dona is an ARS Consulting Rosarian, a horticultural judge, and was the recipient of the 2009 Rosebud Award, awarded to newer members for outstanding service to the San Diego Rose Society. Dona has presented programs on a variety of topics throughout the west. She is also an award-winning rose photographer whose work is featured in, which publishes results of local, district and national rose shows operated under standards established by the ARS. Dona and Bob (National Vice President of ARS) live in Escondido where they maintain a rose garden of more than 450 roses of all types.

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September General Meeting
September 8, 2016
Bob Allen, Entomologist & Author
Encouraging Native Pollinators

Bob Allen is an Orange County native and will provide us with a close-up view of local insect and plant interactions. Bob is an entomologist, botanist, photographer, and co-author of "Wildflowers of Orange County and the Santa Ana Mountains." Pollinating insects play a critical role in the reproduction of 90% of all flowering plants. This fascinating program will include fabulous photos, fun facts, and tips for luring native pollinating insects into your garden.

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May General Meeting
May 12, 2016
Elizabeth Millar, The Water Saving Granules Company
Water Saving Granules products, developed twenty years ago in Australia

Elizabeth Millar is Commercial Sales Manager, North America for The Water Saving Granules Company Inc. She is the sales contact for the Australian parent company that saw a need some twenty years ago for safe water-saving products for commercial and retail applications. Australia is prone to droughts and experiences major water shortages similar to what we are experiencing in California. Australian horticulture scientists developed the biodegradable and non-toxic granular product,and trials of the formulas have yielded positive results with growers, universities, garden-writers and end users.

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