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The purpose of this society is to study, educate, and encourage the culture of roses in
every practicable way and to exhibit, as desired, properly conditioned roses of the highest quality.

Monthly Meetings
RSSM holds meetings every 2nd Thursday from
September through May, excluding December.

Santa Margarita Water District Building
{Just south of Oso Parkway}
26111 Antonio Parkway
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Doors open: 6:30pm
Meeting: 7:00pm to 9:00pm

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Coming Events:

November General Meeting
November 13, 2014
Bob Martin
ARS Master Rosarian, Accredited Horticulture & Arrangements Judge

Bob Martin has been growing roses for over 40 years. He is well known as a humorous and effective speaker and rose evangelist, having spoken at 21 American Rose Society national conventions. Most recently, Bob has announced that he is a candidate for Vice President of the American Rose Society at its triennial election to be held in 2015. He is a prolific writer, having authored over 600 articles on roses. Bob is the recipient of the ARS Guy Blake Hedrick Jr. Award for lifetime achievement in rose exhibiting. He is also a hybridizer with eleven registered varieties, including 'Butter Cream.' We are delighted to welcome Bob back to the Rose Society. He will, as always regale us with his wonderful presentation, "The Future of Roses."

This is a program not to be missed if you are interested in what has happened and what will happen to roses in the future. "The Future of Roses" is an educational program on the future of roses, from the blue rose and the "Polka Dot" rose, through "Glow in the Dark" roses, genetic transformation, and recent advances in rose hybridizing leading to the introduction of new forms of roses, disease-resistant roses, and perhaps even roses with unusual foiliage. Please come and bring a friend. We promise you will be entertained by this wonderful evening of ROSES!!

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Previous Events

October General Meeting
October 9, 2014
Rene & Patty Caro, owners Abundant Earth Farms

Rene & Patty Caro owners of Abundant Earth Farms will give us the entire scoop on what makes worm castings the best organic fertilizer ever! They will explain the ins & outs of worms and how this magnificent creature has become "the" buzz word in organic gardening. They will tell us how they became converts and ultimately started their worm business. Come and understand how with just a few sprinkles of worm poop your garden can become the most beautiful one on the street. Bring a friend and share this informative fun lecture. You won't be disappointed!

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September General Meeting
Thursday September 11, 2014
Gary Matsouka, Owner
Laguna Hills Nursery
"Grow the best containers EVER!"

We are so happy that Gary & Nancy have finally found a real home for their nursery, congratulations guys! For those unfamiliar with Gary Matsouka, he and his family have for generations been the "go-to nursery" for all gardeners who really want the scoop on how to grow anything. Gary will educate us as only he can...he will be discussing his favorite topic container growing. He promises to reveal his special secrets about growing roses and all other forms of plant material in pots. We are truly delighted to have him back as a speaker. So come prepared to learn and please bring all your questions about how to solve those tricky issues with container growing. Bring a friend and enjoy our first meeting of the season!

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May General Meeting
May 8, 2014
John M. Valentino,
John & Bob's GrowGreen Smart Soil Solutions
"Revitalizing your soil"

Meet the man who provides the best in soil health, John M. Valentino. John is the professional who knows what plants need to flourish. He has been in the plant business for over 30 years and has a vast, collective knowledge that makes him an expert when it comes to helping plants to grow. He is the John behind John & Bob's Soil Optimizer. He has developed GrowGreen Smart Soil Solutions to fill a void in the landscaping and gardening industry. John & Bob's is to revitalize all types of soil and educate others on the importance of fertile, living soil and organic gardening methods. Come learn how you can make your plants look their very best from the roots up! John's presentation goes well beyond compost and into what makes the actual soil structures...Bring a friend and become the best gardener you can be!

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